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The Harvard Class Day Speech by Joe Biden is About Civic Participation

 - May 28, 2017
In his Class Day speech at Harvard University, former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden encourages the new graduates to be engaged in political affairs.

The speaker discusses the "coarse rhetoric" of last election cycle and declares the current state of political discourse will only be temporary. He tells the audience they are graduating in time of change and upheaval, but that gives them an opportunity -- the chance to bend the arc of history.

The Class Day speech shares several stories and references historical events including the Vietnam War, as well as current technological advancements like 3D printers. The impassioned speaker states "there's nothing we can't overcome if we remember who we are as Americans." He believes all people deserve to be treated with dignity and encourages all Americans to think big not small as a nation of optimists. He implores young people to maintain their commitment to making things better as the most engaged and tolerant generation in history.