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David Katz' Talk on Ocean Plastic Considers Ways to Solve It

 - Mar 27, 2018
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David Katz, a motivational speaker, sustainability activist, and the founder of Plastic Bank, begins his talk on ocean plastic by telling his audience of the numerous birds and other animals that are dying as a result of pollution, faster than ever before.

Due to this, the rate of extinction is only on the rise, and the key to fixing it is taking small but substantial steps to decrease the amount of waste that's going into these sensitive environments. With Plastic Bank, Katz aims to address the problem at the source, while helping those in search of employment to generate an income by collecting plastic that would otherwise go into oceans. The plastic collected by the initiative is then sorted, shredded, and packed into bales, which can then be exchanged to suppliers interested in recycling it.

With his talk on ocean plastic , Katz shows his audience how they can support eco-conscious initiatives, and how continued pollution could severely impact the world.