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Rebecca MacKinnon Targets Internet Freedom in Her Talk on Extremism

 - Jan 11, 2017
References: ted & youtube
Rebecca MacKinnon, an Internet freedom activist, believes that terror can be battled without the use of censorship within the press and online, which she explains throughout her talk on extremism.

In fact, she says that if democratic societies use censorship, "radical, extremist ideologies are much more likely to persist." She delves into this thought further by bringing up the 2011 Tunisian revolution as an example. After the North African country succeeded in becoming democratic, it became the subject of terror attacks and "rampant ISIS recruitment." However, she also explains that anti-terror measures that are often used to combat these fears tend to lead to state repression.

What's most important is to bring credible voices to the forefront so that detrimental propaganda can be combated. In order to make sure this happens, Rebecca MacKinnon concludes her talk on extremism by relaying the importance of protecting and promoting these investigative journalists and activists instead of silencing their voices to "shield them."