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Benedetta Berti's ISIS Speech Explains Modern Conflict & Peace

 - Dec 22, 2015
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In her combatting ISIS speech, foreign policy expert Benedetta Berti explains how ISIS and similar groups (Hamas, Hezbollah) stay in power. The speaker posits that understanding how these organizations function is vital in achieving peace and stability in the areas where they operate.

The way war works now has changed dramatically, as we have moved away from inter-state conflict to conflict between states and non-state actors like rebel groups and terrorists. The ISIS speech explains how the Islamic State is actually something in between, as they fill gaps in governance by investing in social services, comprehensive communications strategies, business opportunities and other complex strategies.

Fighting violence with violence is not the answer to a peaceful solution. In any peace-keeping or peace-building effort, understanding the incentives these groups offer and how to bridge the governance gap is paramount.