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The Entrepreneurial Solutions Speech by Mohamed Ali Offers Options

 - Nov 20, 2013
Mohamed Ali discusses the link between unemployment and acts of terrorism in his entrepreneurial solutions speech. Ali notes that acts of terrorism often originate from a story of disenfranchised urban youth, whom are vulnerable to terrorist influence. Ali cautions if youth are not allowed to share in the prosperity, opportunity and growth of the urban environment, there could be drastic effects. Youth suffers from the highest unemployment rate, making them especially susceptible to gateway violence and terrorism.

Ali mentions several inspirational examples of youth who were able to escape this fate. For instance, one young person was able to start a motor bike rental service to navigate the battered streets of Somalia; another began his own floral company, a service which had hither-to never been available to the ravaged, war-torn country. Both individuals succeeded because they were able to seize an opportunity. Ali strongly advocates providing resource and support to youth, whose inherent innovation will serve as a catalyst for urban growth.