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Carol Kennelly Targets Change in Her Talk on Destructive Thinking

 - May 2, 2017
References: ted & youtube
Carol Kennelly, a personal growth coach who has years of experience in real estate, medicine, and interior design as well, highlights her own her journey in her talk on destructive thinking.

She starts out my telling her audience of her move to Southern California from Michigan, which was prompted by her husband's promotion. Although they had always talked about moving somewhere sunny and warm, when she was faced head-on with the concept of change, she thought that it was the very last thing she wanted. As she and her husband were born and raised in the same city, she was afraid to leave what she knew behind. Reluctantly, she agreed to move anyway, but found herself feeling incredibly threatened when she had to deal with so much change once she got there.

She continues her talk on destructive thinking by explaining how she started to take advantage of her new setting, and how she quit mourning what she had missed before the change happened. She breaks down her methodology for her audience, and explains what causes them to feel threatened by certain information. As these feelings can prevent one from progressing in life, it's important to understand these feelings and patterns so that they have less power.