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Mallory Soldner's Talk on Data Describes How Companies Can Do Good

 - Dec 15, 2016
References: ted & youtube
Mallory Soldner, an industrial engineer and the UPS's advanced analytics manager, highlights how companies can involve themselves in positive human welfare efforts in her talk on data.

As a young PhD student, she had big dreams of making the world a better place, which she planned to do by optimizing data so that companies would save money while saving lives. Although she admits that her past goals were a little bold for the time, she tells her audience that technology is beginning to progress in humanitarian ways.

In order to make this possible, she says that company executives will need to play their part, meaning that they'll need to be willing to collaborate. Mallory Soldner elaborates on this by saying, "I've seen what companies can do and I've seen what companies aren't doing and I think there's three main ways that we can fill that gap: by donating data, by donating decision scientists and by donating technology."

In doing this, companies can make predictions on where diseases might spread, save on food costs for those in need so that more people can be fed and much more. With her talk on data, Mallory Soldner reveals just how different the world could be if companies took the time to form long-term partnerships with humanitarian programs.