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Alec Ross's Talk About Industries of the Future Offers Hopeful Lessons

 - Feb 6, 2016
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In his talk about industries of the future, Alec Ross explains what people can do to compete and position themselves for economic security tomorrow. Hillary Clinton's Senior Advisor for Innovation shows what his past experience taught him about lack of opportunity. The speaker believes it wasn't the DNA of the kids he grew up with in West Virginia or taught in West Baltimore that made them falter, but their despairing access to opportunity.

The talk about industries lists three -- big data analytics, cyber security and genomics -- that will hold the most amount of opportunity in the next decade when it comes to high-paying jobs. He also discusses things people can do to ensure the youth they care about can compete: don't rely on the system to save you, make sure your kids learn languages (foreign and programming) and be a life-long learner yourself.

The foresight-offering speech states "it's not the strongest who survive or the most intelligent, but that most adaptable to change."