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The George Tulevski talk about nanotechnology explores the potential of nanoparticles in computing.... Need Inspiration?

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George Tulevski's Talk About Nanotechnology is on Computing

 - Feb 1, 2017
In his talk about nanotechnology, George Tulevski explores the next step in nanomaterials. The speaker explains how, although it has much promise and excitement surrounding it, the small size of nanotechnology is impossible to work with because we don't have the tools small enough to work with them. This has resulted in an inability to translate science into new technology that could impact people.

The speaker is especially interested in nanomaterials and new types of computing. The talk about nanotechnology says that if we expect technological advancements to go on indefinitely, we need to be able to pack more onto a computer chip. Tulevski believes innovating by employing carbon nanotubes is the ideal solution, resulting in up to 10 times improvement in performance. He aims to compel nanoparticles to build themselves by mimicking nature and using chemistry.