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Jon Iwata Shares an Innovative Computer Intelligence Talk

 - Dec 4, 2014
References: youtube
IBM's Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications Jon Iwata's computer intelligence talk explores the creation of a revolutionary computing robot called Watson.

The creation of Watson came out of the need to create a computer system that could understand unstructured data such as colloquial phrases and social media. Unlike a conventional computer, Watson has the cognitive ability to process all sorts of data so well that it was featured as a contestant on the live game show Jeopardy! Unlike a computer, tablet or mobile device that is programmed to perform a certain function, Watson is built to learn. In other worlds, Watson's cognitive computing skills continuously grow and adapt to the data it takes in. This aspect of technology that evolves through learning is critical during the growth of big data. As Iwata puts it, "We will need systems like Watson to make sense of all the data that’s being produced."

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