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Adam Grant's Talk About Creativity Discusses Non-Comformists

 - Apr 28, 2016
In his talk about creativity, Adam Grant explains a group of people he calls originals, who are non-conforming, ideating, action-taking part of the population who drive change. The speech lists the three things the organizational psychologist learned about recognizing these original thinkers and how regular humans can become more like them.

Originals are quick to start, but slow to finish. However, their moderate level of procrastinating allows them to be more creative. The talk about creativity also notes it is easier to improve on someone else's idea than to create a wholly new one and "to be original you don't have to be first, you just have to be different and better."

Like everyone else, original thinkers feel doubt and fear, but manage it differently. The speaker differentiates between self-doubt and idea doubt: one paralyzes and one motivates. The greatest originals often fail the most because they try the most. The talk about creativity finally states the more output one churn outs, the greater the chance you'll create a great outcome.