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Therese Hayes's Talk About Career Paths Discusses Changing Jobs

 - Aug 20, 2016
In her talk about career paths, Therese Hayes explores the benefits of change, especially when it comes to work life. The speaker shares some research on change, such as the Life Change Index Scale or Stress Test. She states that change leads to stress and stress leads to illness.

The talk about career paths discusses generational approaches to work and jobs, demonstrating that when you are born, when you enter the workforce and what your values are affect how long you will stay in a job. Studies show the younger you are, the shorter you are likely to be at a job, with 51% of people spending less than 2 years in one job.

Hayes also outlines tips for people trying to navigate their careers. She suggests finding your constants or things that should remain the same (values like passion, innovation and fun), connecting the dots, but not necessarily the whole picture (understand who you are being in your role) and mastering the art of storytelling.