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In the Jullien Gordon keynote, he addresses issues surrounding career discovery and navigation,...

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Jullien Gordon Reveals How to Find the Perfect Job

 - Jan 27, 2012
References: julliengordon & youtube
Motivational teacher Jullien Gordon discusses how ruling out career options can help one better focus on what their true passions are in this informative talk. He explains that people are capable of doing many things and that often times through experience people become really good at doing jobs that they actually don't enjoy.

He stresses the importance for people to follow the career path that is right for them, and says that sometimes one must create this career for themselves. Jullien Gordon uses his own career of being a purpose finder as an example of how this can be achieved and demonstrates to his audience that there is a countless amount of occupational possibilities out there for everyone if they do not get stuck into thinking that their options are limited.