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Sue Klebold Speaks About Her Son the Columbine Shooter, Dylan Klebold

 - Feb 13, 2017
References: amothersreckoning & youtube
Sue Klebold speaks about her son's role in being one of the two Columbine shooters, and the ways in which people can help people suffering from mental illnesses.

Klebold begins by apologizing for her son's crimes, expressing the grief she feels for her son's actions, and encouraging the audience to understand the role of mental health in her son's decision to murder and injure several people and then end his own life. While most people with mental illnesses do not commit violence against others, there are a select few that do. After her son's shooting rampage – which has since functioned as a sort of "blueprint" for countless other school shooters in the US – Klebold herself experienced mental health issues.

Since then she has taken it upon herself to educate others in trying to understand and listen to their loved ones, as their true feelings are often hidden and mental health problems are not always clearly visible.