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Guy Hoffman's Reactive Robot Keynote Shows That Robots Can Feel

 - Jan 25, 2014
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Guy Hoffman's reactive robot keynote is a fascinating speech about the untapped potential of robotics to express emotion and react to things like music. Hoffman, a roboticist, musician and co-director of the IDC media lab discusses his eccentric 'family' of robots, all created in an attempt to make them less like chess players and more like actors and musicians. Hoffman wants robots to be engaging for people and not just there to perform tasks and only tasks.

Hoffman demonstrates some of the robots he created, including a speaker that moves and bobs to the music it plays, and another robot that improvises musical accompaniment to a human pianist. Guy Hoffman's reactive robot keynote brings up the notion that robots will become ubiquitous in society in the future, and that robots that simply perform tasks will be replaced by robots that react and feel.