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Joel McCharles's Preserving Food Talk Focuses on Healthy Eating Habits

 - Oct 27, 2013
In his hilarious preserving food talk, Joel McCharles lists the problems he has with grocery stores and advocates eating simpler ingredients. His issues with grocery stores are three fold. They sell products that are driving animal extinction and environmental degradation. They refuse to sell produce that does not look perfectly formed, resulting in massive amounts of rot and waste. He also believes they are an "exercise in human isolation."

His solution is farmers markets and preserving food. He discusses the five most common objections he has heard on this topic, and how others can learn this practice. This way people will have access to healthier food with less complicated ingredients. He starts his preserving food talk by analyzing different ingredient labels, and shows how impossible it is to gauge what the product is based on that information alone.

The Joel McCharles speech will make people think more critically about the food they ingest and what can be done about it.