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Ted Sarandos Talks Streaming Content in His Online Television Keynote

 - Feb 9, 2014
References: ir.netflix & youtube
Ted Sarandos’s online television keynote talks about the importance and viability of online streaming of film and TV content and new ways of saving on production costs. As the chief content officer of Netflix, Sarandos has particular experience in not only streaming media for profit, but also producing non-network TV programming for its website.

Sarandos goes on to describe how the company ordered the first season of both House of Cards and Orange is the New Black straight to air. The company finds high quality scripts with good prospects and produces them in full to save money on failed pilots. Sarandos’s online television keynote goes on to talk about how online streaming can be extremely profitable by catering to audience’s desire to watch a show at their own pace rather than having to wait months or years for a site to get the rights to stream it second-hand.