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David Stillwell's Online Advertising Speech on Digital Identity

 - Jun 17, 2015
References: youtu.be
In his online advertising speech, David Stillwell discusses the concept of digital identity and how companies use data.

He defines digital identity broadly. It includes social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which learn about you based on your friends, the pages you like, the information in your profile and even the words you use. However it goes beyond social channels to include search engines, email, Amazon and other online retailers, Internet cookies, mobile phones, store loyalty cards and regular credit cards because all these avenues can indicate who you are as a person.

This also means you don't have many digital identities, but one -- especially as companies like Facebook and Digital Logic work together to link all the data they collect. The online advertising speech talks about how Facebook data predicts personality as accurately as a psychology test.

The speaker feels that because we all have a digital identity that encompasses many services we shouldn't have to do without, companies should tell us how they use our data. We should also have the option of paying companies a "paltry sun of money" (based on the ad revenue they make from you monthly) to stop them from selling the data.