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Michael Shermer Demonstrates Why We Believe Myths & Urban Legends

 - Mar 12, 2012
References: michaelshermer & youtu.be
Author and Skeptic Magazine publisher Michael Shermer examines humans' tendencies to believe in strange things. From unlikely events to things that seem impossible, individuals' brains are responsible for convincing them that certain things are plausible even if they have no proof to back up these beliefs.

Shermer, known for disproving common myths, superstitions and urban legends, explains why people believe in unlikely facts and occurrences. He names belief as the natural state of things, proving a human connection that is contrary to disbelief and skepticism. The author describes humans as pattern-seeking primates, learning by association.

Describing agenticity as humans' tendency to infuse common patters with meaning, intention and agency, Michael Shermer explains how superstitions and conspiracies drive our lives.