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Joe Landolina's Medical Talk Discusses a Cure For Bleeding Injuries

 - Dec 10, 2014
References: youtube
Joe Landolina's medical talk explores a brand new gel solution to close up bleeding wounds instantly, without the need for applied pressure or stitches. This innovation will revolutionize healthcare as we know it and potentially save thousands of lives.

During his four years of study on the topic, Landolina has come up with a series of what he calls "smart bio materials" that work in conjunction with the body to stop and heal the wound. Firstly, Landolina begins his talk by explaining that the extracellular matrix -- the fibers, sugars and proteins surrounding a cell -- are what need to be rebuilt to heal a wound. Landolina has come up with a gel that can help accelerate this rebuilding process to close up wounds instantaneously by helping the body to reassemble itself.

"Imagine you are solider running through a battlefield," Landolina says. "Now you get hit in the leg with a bullet and instead of bleeding out for three minutes, you pull a small packet of gel out of your belt and with the press of a button you're able to stop your own bleed and you're on your way to recovery."