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Larry Page Discusses Google in This Hopeful Technological Growth Keynote

 - Mar 24, 2014
References: google & youtube
Larry Page, the chief executive at Google, discusses Google's future in this technological growth keynote.

Google has always been known as a forward-thinking company; with its ingenuity and all-encompassing platform, it has set the bar for competing search engines. In this keynote, Page discusses personal information. Page realizes people's apprehension to sharing data, but Google wants to provide people with options such as data collection, search history and location data , which will give people more awareness about what is going on.

Page believes that if there were multiple people with similar health problems, and all our records were anonymously available online to research doctors, they could learn about certain conditions, continue their research based off their findings and in turn continue to save many lives. The good that can come from people sharing their personal information, without worrying about it being misused would be a tremendous milestone for medical research amongst other fields.

Ultimately, Page hopes that people willingly sharing information will be a common factor in the near future. Google is working on creating progress for the world to make it better, and to change the future while working on the present.