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Ramesh Raskar's Femto-Photography Keynote is Fascinating

 - Mar 25, 2014
References: media.mit.edu & youtube
Showing the audience what a trillion frames per second can look like, Ramesh Raskar presents the latest from the imaging world in his femto-photography keynote.

The femto-photograhy camera Raskar discusses in his talk is a billion times faster than any other camera and can actually show us what light looks like in slow motion. The new imaging technique is so fast that it can create slow motion videos of light in motion, which in turn can create cameras that look around corners and see inside our body without X-rays.

According to Raskar's femto-photography keynote, once this camera is ready to leave the lab and be incorporated in the real world it can be used to help cars avoid collisions, help find survivors in hazardous conditions and be used for high-tech medical equipment.