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Author James Gilmore Encourages Value of Economic Offerings

 - Feb 25, 2012
References: speakers & youtu.be
Author James Gilmore believes experiences are distinct economic offerings and that they will ultimately comprise economic output. Explaining the roles of staged experiences, guided transformations and mass customization, the speaker explains the value of economic offerings.

Aiming to aid businesses on their path to success, Gilmore encourages organizations to develop new ways to add value to their economic offerings. The future holds the dominance of an experience economy that encourages constant innovation and the evolution of existing ideas.

The author stresses the importance of staying current and relevant to one’s desired market, explaining how a company cannot flourish unless it is willing to accept the changes faced by our society in the coming future. If supply exists without the demand for it, organizations must work to fuel consumer interest and to redefine the meaning of consumer experience.