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David Houle Describes the Forthcoming Transformation of Our Decade

 - Feb 18, 2012
References: davidhoule & youtu.be
Futurist, advisor and speaker David Houle believes that the speed of change today is up to a hundred times faster than it was in the last 1,000 years. The changes responsible for our future are being paved by today's society.

Houle states that we are in a global stage of human evolution, with planetary developments as our only remaining boundaries. The word globalization is no longer solely economic, but relies on a variety of other factors. The speaker highlights the tremendous freedoms we are given in today's society, stressing that we have more choice in every aspect of our lives than ever before.

This freedom of choice has lead the flow to global and to the individual. Individuals are connecting in an accelerated speed, giving consumers more power than companies and shifting the focus from institution to individual.