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Cesar Kuriyama' keynote career began at TED 2012. He received his education for Digital Arts at...

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Cesar Kuriyama’s Invigorating Speech Encourages Capturing Every Se

 - Apr 9, 2013
References: cesarkuriyama & youtube
Cesar Kuriyama’s invigorating speech brings into retrospect simple everyday events that people tend to overlook. Kuriyama talks about how he was a workaholic, which led to him watching a TED Talk about taking a year off work. This inspired Kuriyama to begin his project of ‘One second every day.’

In his project, Kuriyama records one second of every day for the rest of life. Each day, he video records one second and then compiles it in chronological order with other accumulated one second video clips that he’s captured.

Kuriyama says that he mostly forgets a large number of events, unless someone reminds him of them. By capturing those one-second events he is able to recall things more vividly and appreciate all that life has to offer.