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Having grown up with a parent who is against modern technology, Hannah Brencher's speeches emphasize...

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Hannah Brencher's Inspirational Writing Keynote Discusses Connections

 - Nov 16, 2012
References: moreloveletters & youtube
Hannah Brencher delivers a short and sweet speech about why it's important to keep writing letters to give and create hope for strangers in the world in her inspirational writing keynote.

Growing up in a family that was anti-technology, Brencher knew only one thing when she suffered from depression while in university: writing. As she eagerly waited next to her mailbox for updates from her mother, she too delivered dozens of handwritten notes across town. Containing deep motivational lines reminiscent of a love letter, Brencher scribbles her thoughts onto hundreds of sheets of paper, pouring her heart out to absolute strangers so that they can also feel loved.

In a digital world where everything moves so quickly, The World Needs More Love Letters global initiative is not about the 140-character efficiency or over-sharing on typical social media sites but about connecting with strangers to show support and reassures that intimate human connections still exist within this digital age.