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Eduardo Briceno Discusses the Pitfalls of Performance-Focused Lives

 - Feb 13, 2017
References: mindsetworks & youtube
Eduardo Briceno is the CEO and Co-Founder of 'Mindset Works,' a company that uses research to "unlock human potential." His TED speech discusses the ways in which people can improve in areas of their lives that matter to them.

He begins the speech by discussing that stagnation in performance abilities, even if the individual is trying to improve, is quite common. After trying to understand why this is, Briceno did research and came to the conclusion that those who are constantly improving take the time to deliberately alter between two zones - the learning zone and the performance zone.

It is the learning zone that people often ignore and thus fail to improve – and in this zone individuals work on deliberate practice, gaining very specific skills and receiving feedback while there is still room to make mistakes. That way, once in the performance zone where there is no room for mistakes, individuals are more likely to to execute well, and to constantly improve rather than becoming protective of the skills they already have -- which is what leads to stagnation.