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Max Lenderman's Experiential Marketing Keynote Discusses Context

 - Jun 2, 2012
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Max Lenderman's experiential marketing keynote opens by discussing some of the detrimental patterns emerging in the world of marketing today. Highlighting the obvious flaws of 'a**-vertising' and 'head-vertising' marketing tactics, Lenderman explains how effective marketing today must adhere to the new type of consumer.

He refers to the new type of consumer as the 'attention-to-economy' consumer. This consumer is empowered and will not hesitate to voice his or her opinions on a product, service or brand.

The best way to reach out to and appease this consumer is through experience; these experiences have to be relevant, contextual and memorable. Experience-based marketing, which includes gorilla marketing, event marketing, sponsorship marketing and digital marketing, have to present consumers something with which they can connect and share an experience that is relevant, lasting and memorable.