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American actor Harrison Ford is a speaker and an advocate for environmental change. After finishing...

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Harrison Ford's Environmental Issues Speech Talks Global Warming

 - Aug 27, 2013
References: imdb & youtu.be
Actor Harrison Ford talks about serious eco problems in this environmental issues speech. Ford states that global warming is not something that people are currently prepared for, but now humanity has reached a point where they have to focus their energy on improving environmental conditions to survive.

For points out that if humans cease to exist, the world will go on, and probably be better for it. He stresses the importance of having mankind's brightest individuals focus on solutions for these serious environmental issues.

Ford states that people can no longer live well without living green. Humanity has stretched out it's resources, and is now in a state of crisis. He says that people have to focus on a sustainable future and live a greener lifestyle in order to make a difference.