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Tom Szaky's Green Movement Speech Discusses TerraCycle

 - Jul 31, 2013
References: terracycle & youtube
Entrepreneur Tom Szaky's green movement speech explains the importance of businesses that focus on manufacturing eco-friendly products. Szaky is the founder of a company called 'TerraCycle', which takes garbage and creates a variety of different products with it. Szaky uses worm feces to create an effective fertilizer; he also creates handbags from empty juice pouches.

The demand for eco-friendly products is always growing. TerraCycle creates treasure from trash with minimal manipulation. Szaky explains that his company aims to change the way that people think about garbage. TerraCycle accepts garbage donations from consumers and pays a few cents for every unit they receive. This money is donated to a charity of the consumer's choice, and shipping is free. Szaky's company focuses on recycling and improving the environment.

Szaky's company carefully separates garbage, cleans it and reuses it in creative ways.