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This Educational Speech by Jacob Barnett Seeks to Expand Minds

 - Apr 4, 2013
References: youtube
In this educational speech, child prodigy Jacob Barnett encourages individuals to forget and disregard common information and assumptions in order to allow for the broadening of creative ideas from their own unique perspectives.

This educational speech explains how great ideas and new inventions come about during times when people stop utilizing common notions that already exist, and rather begin to think outside the box from their own personal view points. Barnett uses the example of Isaac Newton to showcase that it was only during the periods when Newton stopped learning did he create science and the theory of physics. Instead of continuing his education to become top of his class, Newton decided to stop what he was doing and to instead create ideas that would serve to become the foundation of all great scientific theories.

Barnett cleverly explains that success in life depends greatly upon your own unique perspective, and in order to do so we must forget what we already know.