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Warren Littlefield Advises Youth to Trust Themselves in This Instincts Keynote

 - Sep 1, 2012
References: youtu.be
Former NBC president Warren Littlefield advises youth to follow their gut in this instincts keynote. After over two decades helping to produce phenomenal television programming, Littlefield shares his experiences on working as a producer on the cult classic Seinfeld. Through his passion, he fought for what he believe in for the show even though comedian Jerry Seinfeld was not a household name at the time.

The pitch by Seinfeld and Larry David was not the same as story-driven comedies that were typical at the time, however, Littlefield believed it was funny. After the pilot, the research returned stating the show would be an unmitigated disaster. Yet, Littlefield believed in his gut and the show went on to break new ground.

This is the moment that Littlefield stopped guessing what the audience would have wanted, but found success in the things he wanted to watch because he believed that you need to follow what gets you excited.