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An Educational Self Organization Keynote by Sugata Mitra

 - Mar 5, 2013
In this educational self organization keynote, Sugata Mitra considers whether people will even need to goto school in the future. He proposes that "knowing" may become unneeded in the future because we'll be able to get any information we need in a matter of seconds.

Miltra begins his keynote by discussing education during England's imperial reign. He explains the mission of education during that period was to create a standard worker who could be plugged into the bureaucratic system anywhere in the world and still function. To achieve this, skills like handwriting were essential because all records had to be written down.

However, Miltra goes on to discuss how educational needs have changed. He says the education system isn't broken, we just don't need it anymore. He uses several experiments involving Indian children and computers as the basis for the rest of his keynote.