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Ha-Joon Chang's Economics Talk Explains How Basic Economics is Simple

 - Dec 11, 2016
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In Ha-Joon Chang's economics talk, he begins with an excellent point. Many people have incredibly strong opinions about things like the conflicts in the Middle East or global warming. Yet, the majority of people with strong opinions on these things don't have a degree in international relations or environmental sciences. At the same time, people shirk discussions of economics because they aren't specialists, even though economics has a larger everyday impact on their lives.

At its core, economics comes down to common sense, and Ha-Joon Chang explains that it doesn't take a specialist to understand it. People think it's a tremendously complex subject simply because economists themselves have convinced people of that through the use of jargon and mathematics.

In the economics talk, Chang, himself a world-renowned economist, explains some of the fundamental concepts of economics, as well as why it's paramount that the general population has a grasp of them.