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Jeremy Rifkin's Communication Network Keynote is Intriguing

 - Jul 1, 2014
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In this communication network keynote, Jeremy Rifkin discusses his theory of how 'The Logistics Internet' will be a game changer that is likely to reshuffle the face of modern economics.

In the talk, the economic theorist and author explains how we use the Internet for everything -- from cell phones to sharing audio, video and text with friends. Rifkin states that this communication network -- that lets us share everything -- is then converged to something called the energy Internet which will let us generate green electricity that can be shared via the communication Internet.

In the communication network keynote, Rifkin highlights that the energy Internet -- a transmission line -- will start a whole new way of doing business and will be one of the greatest technology revolutions in history.

"Millions of us are producing and sharing with each other and we now have the first early adopters that are now producing their own green electricity at near zero marginal cost. This is the democratization of everything and it's going to change the economic model," says