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Clay Shirky's Creative Process Speech Delves into Creativity

 - Apr 16, 2013
References: vimeo & psfk
Clay Shirky's creative process speech delves into ways people can achieve creativity through the simple questioning of one's interest. In understanding how to be be creative, Shirky uses "interestingness as a design probe."

The fact that something is interesting can't be denied, it's a factor no person can falsify. Shirky discusses how creating something creative is based upon the idea that it has to be interesting to begin, but if there are no particular attributes that makes the said object or idea interesting, then a person will have to find and create reasons to make those ideas or objects interesting.

Pursuing an interesting idea will eventually derive other important factors in creation of that idea. In today's culture, the idea of creating something new is more favorable than extrapolating from current creations and combining them.