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This Creative Lifestyle Keynote by Jake Nickell is Encouraging

 - Jul 27, 2012
References: jakenickell & youtube
This creative lifestyle keynote presented by Jake Nickell comes from a place of experience. Nickell, who is one of the founders of Threadless.com, a crowd-sourced t-shirt company, is an entrepreneur with an artistic spirit that is evident in his work.

In this keynote, Jake discusses the importance of being constantly creative no matter what your particular aspirations may be. Essentially, he states that being productive and expressive for the sake of it is actually incredibly valuable, and can lead to great things. He explains his idea with a personal anecdote about his business, which unintentionally spawned from his own creative projects.

One of the most memorable pieces of advice given by Nickell in this speech is his suggestion for people to put themselves in situations where they may feel uncomfortable, as this ultimately leads to personal growth.