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Brad Davis' Consumer Behavior Keynote Explains Buying Patterns

 - Jun 22, 2012
References: jbraddavis & youtube
With the influx of corporate branding that customers are inundated with every day, this consumer behavior keynote from Opus Bank's Chief Marketing Officer Brad Davis helps to decipher what makes a particular brand stick out in someone's mind.

The speaker presents the theory of 'neuroeconomics' whereby he explains that 95 per cent of consumer buying happens on a subconscious level. While rational decision making does play a factor in consumption patterns, more often than not a consumer makes a decision regarding what product or provider to choose based on a gut feeling.

In this consumer behavior keynote, Davis asserts the fact that decision-making is based more on the provider than the product. If the provider can eliminate any negative attributes associated with the decision process and assert the fact that they truly care about their customers, they can then create value and retain customer loyalty.