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The Comic Book Resource Speech by Nancy Silberkleit is Engaging

 - Nov 20, 2013
In her comic book resource speech, Nancy Silberkleit recounts how Archie comics aroused a previously stifled love of reading. After the death of her husband, Silberkleit left her job as an art teacher to take on his position of CEO at Archie Comics, prompting Forbes to dub her the "Accidental CEO."

In terms of her own lack-luster educational experience, Silberkleit was held back a year for her remedial reading skills. She points to the ‘remedy of retention’ as the cause for her lack of interest in reading. However, when circumstance forced her to immerse herself in the world of Archie Comics, Silberkleit was pleasantly surprised to find that she soon began hungering for more reading material. Her experience has lead her to believe that comic books can be used as an academic resource.

Indeed, comic books have the ability to present important social issues in an entertaining format welcomed by children. She urges educators to unharness the visual power of comic books, asserting that they are a tool for communicating with the world around us and can bridge the gap between ‘reading’ and sparking a love for reading.