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Kevin Lane Keller's Brand Planning Keynote Explains Points of Parity

 - Sep 18, 2012
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In this brand planning keynote, Kevin Lane Keller discusses the power strong brand positioning has against competitors within different industries. The majority of his speech discusses how to effectively create a unique brand positioning.

His first point focuses on establishing points of parity and points of difference in reference to competitors. Points of difference are strong, favorable and distinct brand associations that differentiate a brand from its competitors. Points of parity, on the other hand, are when a brand breaks even with the competition and becomes close enough with competitors in the eyes of the consumer.

Points of difference need to be desirable, deliverable and differentiating. The points of difference often come into play in a brand's mantra. According to Keller, a brand mantra captures the essence of a brand in three to five works. It often helps the team understand where it can and cannot go.

Points of parity, points of difference and brand mantra are all things that must be conceived before a brand takes off; they are not things that can be made up along the way.

brand mantra: in 3-5 words, capturing the essence of the brand, helps you understand where you can and can't go.