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Salinee Tavaranan's Accessiable Solar Power Keynote is Moving

 - Jun 14, 2012
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Salinee Tavaranan's accessible solar-power keynote is touching and heartfelt and delves into the societal impact that providing underprivileged communities with viable energy solutions can have.

She discusses her role with the Border Green Energy Team, where she travels to different locations along the border of Thailand and Burma to not only provide the tools needed to install solar energy technology but also the education needed to operate and sustain it.

The company's goal is to eliminate barriers that exist to make accessing and operating solar-powered energy sources and to bring light to places in the world that desperately need it.

This accessible solar-power keynote explores methods by which one can bring affordable and easy-to-use energy solutions to countries which have yet to be able to incorporate this technology themselves.