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Pete Cashmore's 2012 Digital Ideas Keynote Hones in On New Platforms & Gadgets

 - Dec 14, 2012
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At this year's Mashable Media Summit, the CEO of the website, Pete Cashmore, kicked off the event with an insightful 2012 digital ideas keynote. Cashmore's speech identified some of the biggest ideas and shifts in the digital, media and tech industries, recognizing social, visual and tablets as the most important.

Social, Cashmore explained, is the new search. Social is on the verge of solving all search problems. On top of this, the introduction of Google+ also now plays an instrumental role in the relevance of posts and content. Traditional SEO tactics are no longer effective. Shares and where you are ranked by Google will affect how people find your content.

The other important transformation is the responsive web design. As smartphone and tablet ownership and usage increases, sites need to adapt to cater to different devices and screen sizes.

Cashmore's 2012 digital ideals keynote not only highlights the most important transformations of the year, but we can expect to see in the months to come.