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From Breakthrough Thinking to Going Off the Rails

 - May 9, 2014
"Thinking outside the box" is a timeless business strategy, one of which many still stand behind, but one that also receives a fair amount of backlash from progressive thinkers. These curated speeches and their speakers are of the opinion that "thinking outside the box" is retaining its relevance and effectiveness in business.

Innovation keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche approaches almost all aspects of his two billion view business with an outside the box approach. From embracing failure, encouraging experimentation and taking chaos in stride, Jeremy doesn't back down from challenges that typically plague other business owners.

Similarly, Carol Bausor believes that people, regardless of their occupation, should constantly be formulating solutions and ideas for dream scenarios. Visualizing the options ahead of you is the first step in achieving them.

The Sir Ken Robinson speech showcases how thinking outside the box when it comes to education can truly transform the world. By focusing on students' strengths outside traditional disciplines like mathematics and science, students can develop skills and confidence that complement their interests and natural talents.

These speeches all provide exceptional examples of the ways thinking outside the box is still benefiting people all over the world.