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From Simple Job Focuses to the Importance of Friction in Persuasion

 - Aug 20, 2016
These talks about sales share several approaches to the art of selling, which is a part of virtually any kind of business.

Author Daniel Pink discusses embracing salesmanship in his innovative keynote. Although many have a negative view of sales people, the sales expert explains how everyone is selling something. In this view, sales is about more than a monetary transaction, but can also be an exchange of time or ideas.

Michelle Golden talks about sales and offers elevator pitch criticisms. The speaker believes the concept of the short and sweet pitch -- the kind you could deliver in an elevator -- does not work for services. Instead of reciting lines, she suggests catering messaging to the individual and relying on storytelling.

The sales speech by Jack Vincent compares the art of selling to romance, drawing parallels between the business world and falling in love.