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Ramit Sethi's Understanding Clients Keynote Hones in on Psychology

 - Apr 12, 2014
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Helping creatives understand how they can calculate and grow the worth of their talent, Ramit Sethi helps viewers understand the relationship between maximizing skill and increasing salary in his understanding clients keynote.

The engaging and beneficial talk by this best-selling author reveals how using a psychology-based curriculum will help creative professionals move up the value chain and get the business results they want to achieve. Sethi believes that creative people focus too much on just mastering their craft as opposed to mastering the psychology of using the correct language.

"Think of the unspoken concerns of your customers and master the language used by your clients," says Sethi in his understanding clients keynote.

He believes the trick is in tapping into what your customers or clients want by moving away from the encyclopedic approach and finding the right connection to understand and connect with clients.