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Nikhil Arora's Social Sustainable Entrepreneurship Keynote is Engaging

 - Mar 26, 2014
References: backtotheroots & vimeo
Discussing with viewers the techniques, tools and methods that helped 'Back to the Roots' harmoniously grow into what is is today, co-founder Nikhil Arora shares tips on social enterprise in his social sustainable entrepreneurship keynote.

Full of energy and highly entertaining and educational, Arora's talk highlights the unconventional way he and his partner launched the company and how by being candid with consumers really paid off -- being sustainable and giving back also helped.

Selling gourmet mushrooms using sustainable methods, Arora says what helped their company grow was the fact that they embedded the idea of connecting and being committed to their customers as an unwavering company philosophy.

The social sustainable entrepreneurship keynote also strongly touches upon the strength of Facebook as a connection tool and the number one driver of traffic to the companies website.

"Google made headlines by saying they would make money without doing evil," he says. "That seems like a cop out. In business today, you can make money and do good."