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From Solving Youth Unemployment to Encouraging Curiosities

 - Jan 29, 2016
These talks about education analyze academic institutions and offer improvements to the school system. This is often in the context of larger society and how schooling can adapt at a primary, secondary and post-secondary level.

In his talk about unemployment, professor and entrepreneur Richard Tuck discusses solving graduate underemployment. He encourages schools to focus on providing quality of career and to engage with industry early on. Ken Robinson's reform education speech is on updated learning. He is opposed to standard testing and encourages educators to seek new methodologies and broader definitions of achievement. A student gives his point of view on wellness in the education system in an innovative speech. Logan LaPlante explains how he 'hacked' homeschooling to focus on health and happiness.

These talks about education explore many ways to reform institutions. Given how quickly the world is changing, it would be ignorant not to adapt or consider new ways of teaching young people.