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From Traits of a Business Leader to a Culture of Listening

 - Oct 26, 2013
These successful leadership talks examine varying perspectives on the different traits good leaders should have. There are many theories on what makes a great leader, and some will be more applicable to different industries than others. These leadership tips might also change depending on one's gender.

Former American Vice President Al Gore discusses leadership traits in the context of a sustainable economy and climate change. Meanwhile Dr. Jude Reggett takes a psychological approach to leadership and explains how ego states affect human behavior. This can be used to a leader's advantage. On the other hand, Jim Collins disagrees with the concept that ego and personality have anything to do with strong leadership.

While something can be said for the overall leadership of a company or organization, taking a closer look at specific tips, behaviors and views one can take on is helpful. These successful leadership talks are valuable to leaders of all kinds.