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From Organizing Volunteer Networks to Embracing Discomfort

 - Nov 7, 2013
This collection of speeches on volunteering discusses the ways it can improve one's life, make the world a better place and contribute to important self-development. Many people around the world wish they had more time to volunteer -- either in their own communities or elsewhere in the world -- but they struggle to make room in their schedules. Alternatively, many might not feel like it's worth it.

Richard Heinzl, the founder of Doctors Without Borders, focuses on the benefits of youth volunteering abroad in developing nations. He explains how the experiences are very humbling, but also very difficult, which creates opportunities for growth and fulfillment. Many of the volunteer experiences abroad expose individuals to eye-opening and shocking conditions, which can contribute to self development and improvement.

Hather Blanchard introduces the idea that everyone has something to give in her speech. She sees great potential in online volunteers to make a huge difference in devastating events like the earthquake in Haiti. While "digital humanitarians" have a very different experience and role than a first response team, the impact is still felt throughout the world.

These speeches on volunteering offer insight to volunteer sector and the ways anyone can make a difference.