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From the Future of Disruptive Technology to Community-Based Commerce

 - Sep 11, 2013
These speeches on the future offer predictions on what lies ahead in a wide range of industries. Showcasing a list of very well-known individuals like Google's Sergey Brin, Bill Gates, Pete Cashmore and Barack Obama, these talks dive into topics like social media, technology, business and international politics.

A general consensus from the speakers focusing on business is that the consumer will continue to move into the spotlight. As society continues to evolve digitally, increased numbers of consumers will turn to social media to document and to share their experience with a brand.

Pete Cashmore also sees social media playing an even more involved role in politics and promoting democracy in war-torn countries than it does today. Social networks like Twitter and Facebook will give citizens a stronger voice and will facilitate mass organization.

When Sergey Brin introduces the Google Glass, he shares his opinion that devices of the future will be designed to actually prevent people from missing out on what is important in life; he sees a 180 taking place in the world of tech.

Each of these speeches on the future offers interesting, compelling and often unsettling.